Spiritual Secrets of Immortality


Discovering Your Personal Roadmap to Immortality

By Sandy Paris author, keynote speaker, and CEO and founder of Dream RealityPublishing.

Down through the millennia, the secrets of immortality have been hidden from mankind because, if the secrets were revealed, pain and suffering in the world would be eradicated and the human race would discover the secrets of spiritual and physical liberation.

Through the trial and error of hardships, man’s focus has been deliberately drawn to material illusions to keep him a prisoner of the physical world through the battle of positive and negative energy. This is one of the major causes of hardships, health problems, and aging. However, once the myths and illusions are exposed for what they truly are, humanity will gain the opportunity to discover the secrets of immortality.

Sandy Paris, renowned author of “Loving Your Age At Every Age”, ‘Your Personal Roadmap to Immortality”, and “Making Your Dreams Realities”, has stated: “The physical world is like a minnow trap. A minnow trap is a wire basket fashioned like a vase, wide in the middle with a narrow opening at the top. Fish swim into the minnow trap down to the large opening and can’t find their way out.”

We come into this life in a similar fashion. Our physical bodies, each lifetime, are born into this world through the struggle of childbirth. The embryo is forced from the cozy warmth of the mother’s womb, through the labor of birth, into the harsh reality of the physical world. Once here, the trick is figuring out how to stay consciously connected to our true eternal self, Soul, beyond the limitations of the minnow trap of this world.

Self-help teachings often teach us how to live our lives within the minnow trap. However, immortality has to be experienced outside the minnow trap, above the chaos that causes all our problems in the first place. Otherwise, we continue to manifest illusions from the illusions within the minnow trap.

The goal is to bring harmony between the Spiritual and physical worlds.

Once we discover we are more than our physical bodies, we can experience the timeless world of Spiritual and physical freedom. Then the universe begins to reveal the secrets, which are hidden in the common events of our everyday lives

Soul’s journey to immortality opens the heart to divine love. Through divine love, our divine imagination awakens and we begin to rise above the myths and illusions that once trapped us within the minnow trap of life. Then we begin to master the secrets of moving freely between the physical minnow trap and the timeless world.

Six Keys to Immortality

1. Suspend old attitudes and habits making room for new changes, an expansion of consciousness
2. Discover the gifts and lessons in the hardships of daily life
3. Step back and put ego to rest. Take control of your life as Soul, your eternal self
4. Practice gratitude daily and visualize moving freely in and out of the minnow trap
5. Manifest immortality by taking responsibility for your actions instead of being a victim
6. Contemplate each morning by singing HU, an ancient love song to God. This ancient love song opens the heart to divine love

Each second of every day is revealing your personal roadmap to immortality through the mirror of life.

So, what is the mirror of life?

The minnow trap is one mirror clearly reflecting the principles of life at work. Everything you see, each second of your day, is a mirror reflecting your actions, thoughts, and deeds back to you. Once you begin to recognize the blessing of this gift, all the answers to life’s questions begin to unravel and reveal themselves to you. However, ego must be set-aside in order for this to occur.

Your problems will seem insignificant when you focus your attention on the gifts, which will bring more gifts, and shift your creative energy away from the hardships. What we focus on draws more of the same back into our lives. Your personal roadmap to immortality opens the door to a world of grace, happiness, and freedom.

Once you connect the gifts found in every event in your life, you will begin to experience your personal roadmap to immortality. These are some of the hidden secrets of immortality.


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Sandy Paris

Sandy Paris is author of the Dream Reality Book Series and keynote speaker of 36 years. She is also a spirituality expert with the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and co-author with Jack Canfield, John Gray and others. Her books reflect the infinite potential in all of us as unlimited spiritual beings. Copyright © 2008 Sandy Paris. Visit Sandy’s website for her transformational books and e-books with added free gifts. Coming soon: CDs from speaking engagements. You are welcome to use this article if bio and contact information are attached. www.sandyparis.com sandyparis@mac.com

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